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To join the association to
The annual fee you have to pay
which amounts to € 7,00
for any clarification write
ass.animaecorpo @
to make payment enrollment
click on the paypal button
on the right.

clicking on the paypal button above
will effect the association membership
Anima & Corpo
After you have paid the annual fee for membership to the Association as a partner simple, you can sign up for our courses
The tuition fee for each academic level courses are given on the pages
this site

To subscribe to Music Course in time asymmetric
you must be registered with the Association
The fee to Music Course
asymmetric in time
depends on the level you choose teaching
The enrollment request that will arrive with us
will be reviewed and you will receive confirmation within 48 hours of admission
for any further information write to: ass.animaecorpo @
we will reply you soon.

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